Blog Hiatus is Over!

Well I’m back and hopefully continuous or at least frequent now in posting! I’ve taken too long of a hiatus and it’s time to let the world (or at least the few friends following) what we’ve been up to!

This past week, my sister-in-law’s sister had her baby! Charlee Grace. They live in Gainesville and only an hour away from Aunt Kayla’s house. Brad brought the kids over Saturday morning and Karsten, Brylee, and I set out on an afternoon of fun!

We headed to Grapevine Mills Mall because that is where you find Lego Land! After snacks at the Sonic food court, we rode the carousel. A first for Miss Brylee!

Then we headed to Lego Land. Of course we had already bought tickets online and were ready to go. I purchased the extra activity books, which of course ended up being a waste of $8, but who cares?!?! The kids loved it. They built and raced cars, played in the play land (i.e. germ incubator), and checked out all the displays! We caught a ten minute 4D movie that was complete with wind, water, and snow! The kids were not a fan. We left through the shop but not without purchasing Lego swords and shields!

After a cookie snack, we rode the Cubby Caboose to round out the day! It was all worth it to have the big hugs and thank you’s!! My niece and nephew are so very precious to me and I love spending time with them! Baby Andrews #3 will be here in 5 weeks and can’t wait to meet him or her!!










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